Message from the CEO Desk

a message from our managing director and ceo
Our MD and CEO - K.V. Rama Moorthy

Dear valued customers and well-wishers,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in TMB. We hope to partner with you to identify and achieve your financial goals. At TMB, we live our standards – viz – Responsiveness, Being Friendly and Personalized Service. For over 10 decades, TMB has met the financial needs of its customers with outstanding friendly service, strong value-oriented products & conveniently located pan India network of branch offices / atm centres / e-lobby centres. We continuously strive to find better ways to serve, contribute, and make a difference to all the sections of society that we serve.

Our array of products and services continue to grow with the addition of technology based new age banking services which offer more choices, flexibility and convenience to bank with us.

A rewind to previous year:

Our achievements over the past year demonstrate the strength of our retail-focused business mix, as well as the client-driven franchise model of our bank.

In the past 12 months ending March 2019, our deposits have stood at Rs. 35,136 Crores, whereas our loan book has increased by 11.44% to Rs. 26,488 Crores. Our focus on CASA over the previous years is paying off, with our CASA position reaching Rs. 8,658 Crores at a growth rate of 5.44%.

With the thrust on advances to priority sectors like Agriculture, MSME, Education, Housing etc., the same constituted 69.21% of the bank’s ANBC as against the required benchmark of 40%. Advances to Priority sector has increased to Rs. 16,934 Crores from Rs. 14,652 Crores with a growth rate of 15.58%. The agriculture advances has increased from Rs. 5,154 Crores to Rs. 6,077 Crores. Credit to MSME sector has increased from Rs. 8,786 Crores to Rs. 10,093 Crores with the growth rate of 14.87%.

The operating profit of the bank stood at Rs. 884 Crores and the Net Profit at Rs. 259 Crores. The Net Interest Income (NII) increased from Rs. 1,210 Crores to Rs. 1,230 Crores. The book value per share stood at Rs. 253.89.

Presently, the bank has geographical presence in 16 states and 4 Union territories. As on 31st Mar 2019, the bank is serving its 4.5 million customers with its 509 Branches, 1151 ATM’s and 27 E-Lobbies.

Initiatives taken during the year 2018-2019:

  • Inaugurated two link offices at Delhi and Vijayawada.
  • Inaugurated dedicated MSME processing center in Surat.
  • Inaugurated Specialized NRI Desk at Mumbai.
  • Inaugurated 11 new “Jewel Loan Shoppies” in rural areas.
  • Introduced TMB Multi Currency Travel Card. (Picture Card).
  • Introduced TMB International Rupay Debit Card.
  • Introduced TMB Contactless Debit Card.

The year ahead, we are targeting:

  • Total Business to cross Rs. 76,500 Crores.
  • Total Deposits Rs. 42,500 Crores.
  • Total Advances Rs. 34,000 Crores.
  • CASA Rs. 10,800 Crores.
  • Net Profit of Rs. 360 Crores.

For our bank, sustainability is not an add-on. It’s at the heart of our strategic agenda. We are grateful to our customers and our bank is privileged to serve them gleefully. We partner them in their success. We will never rest on our laurels. It is our mission – to constantly raise the bar of excellence. It is our hope to anticipate our customers’ needs so intuitively that they feel we are an integral part of their team and their success.

With your satisfaction as our prime objective, we are committed to bringing you the best in banking services.

Soliciting your valued patronage all the times.

K.V. Rama Moorthy
Managing Director & CEO

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