Financial Highlights

our impressive performance and achievements
Financial Highlights

TMB is one of the strongest scheduled commercial banks from South India. It has one of the strongest financial positions and it boasts of a very high CAR as per Basel II norms and also having a consistently growing track record as visible in the numbers below.

Financial Performance Highlights

Financial Performance Highlights I
  • All above figures are Rupees (Rs. ) in Crores.
Total BusinessRs. 61,624.19Rs. 56,197.05Rs. 54,162.47Rs. 52,946.58Rs. 44,986.00Rs. 39,790.00Rs. 36,480.00
DepositsRs. 35,136.25Rs. 32,428.33Rs. 32,190.15Rs. 30,368.87Rs. 25,650.00Rs. 22,646.00Rs. 20,224.00
AdvancesRs. 26,487.94Rs. 23,768.72Rs. 21,972.32Rs. 22,577.71Rs. 19,336.00Rs. 17,144.00Rs. 16,256.00
Forex TurnoverRs. 15,726.27Rs. 26,923.36Rs. 28,411.85Rs. 23,388.68Rs. 19,682.00Rs. 18,926.00Rs. 15,927.00
Net ProfitRs. 258.58Rs. 221.92Rs. 316.66Rs. 402.16Rs. 379.00Rs. 301.00Rs. 440.00
Operating ProfitRs. 884.24Rs. 1,005.99Rs. 875.63Rs. 725.49Rs. 607.00Rs. 613.00Rs. 690.00
Financial Performance Highlights II
Return on Equity7.36%6.70%10.27%14.39%15.60%14.02%24.08%
Return on Assets0.68%0.59%0.86%1.23%1.38%1.19%2.01%
Net Interest Margin3.65%3.61%3.48%3.52%3.53%3.87%4.33%
Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel II)16.20%14.86%14.05%12.78%13.91%15.73%15.01%
Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III)16.17%14.83%14.02%12.76%13.89%15.59%N.A.
Gross NPA4.32%3.60%2.91%1.84%1.63%2.46%1.31%
Net NPA2.40%2.16%1.74%0.89%0.67%1.22%0.66%

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Financial Highlights (Apr 2018 ~ Mar 2019):

Financial Highlights
  • Total Business Rs. 61,624.19 Crores
  • Deposits Rs. 35,136.25 Crores
  • Advances Rs. 26,487.94 Crores
  • Forex Turnover Rs. 15,726.27 Crores
  • Net Profit Rs. 258.58 Crores
  • Operating Profit Rs. 884.24 Crores
  • CASA to Total Deposits 24.64%
  • Return on Equity 7.36%%
  • Return on Assets 0.68%
  • Net Interest Margin 3.65%
  • Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel II) 16.20%
  • Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III) 16.17%
  • Gross NPA 4.32%, Net NPA 2.40%
  • download the balance sheet (referred above) for more details...