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Learn more about the current Bancassurance Products and Services offered by the bank.

To bring all your financial requirements under one roof and to cater to your insurance needs, we have number of insurance solutions on offer in both life and non-life space. To increase your choice of products we bring you a bouquet of insurance products.

Bank is acting as Corporate Agent of United India Insurance Company Ltd., for distributing various non-life insurance polices. For life insurance, Bank is acting as Corporate Agent of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India and distributes all the products offered by LIC.

All general Insurance requirements for covering assets financed by our Bank as well as other assets can be met through our branches by arrangement with UIIC. Any general insurance requirement of customers and others can be met by our branches.

Likewise all the LIC policies can be obtained through our Bank branches.

Bancassurance Policy

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Note: As corporate agent, the bank is receiving commission on the net premium procured.