TMB Prepaid Card

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TMB Prepaid Card

As the name suggests, it is a personal use reloadable variant of TMB card product. It can be used for any purpose for shopping in lieu of cash for the convenience of making cashless transactions safe and swift.


Reloadable / Non Reloadable
Reloadable in multiples of Rs. 100/- (The balance in the Prepaid Card should not exceed Rs. 50,000.00 at any point of time).
Minimum amount of issue
Rs. 500.00
Maximum amount of issue
Rs. 50,000.00
Card Joining Fee
Rs. 100.00 plus Tax.
Reload Fee (Per Card per Reload)
Rs. 10.00 plus Tax.
5 Years.
Card Replacement Fee
Rs. 100.00 plus Goods & Service Tax (GST)
Physical Statement of Account
Rs. 100.00 plus Goods & Service Tax (GST)
Cash Withdrawal at Own ATM
No Charges.
Txn at other Bank ATMs
Charges per Transaction: Cash Withdrawal - Rs. 19.00 Non-Financial Transaction - Rs. 7.00 Card to Card Transfer - Rs. 10.00
Transaction at Merchant Establishments
No Charges except surcharge amount applicable to certain category of transactions (Example: Transactions done in Petrol Pumps, Railways).
Annual Fee
Rs. 50.00 plus Tax
After Expiry
The new card will be issued, on request by the applicant, and the available balance will be transferred to the new card. Replacement charges of Rs. 100.00 plus Goods & Service Tax (GST) will be levied on the new card.
Refund request can also be placed for the available balance on the card along with Bank account details. The available balance on the card will be credited to the account.