Rupay Cards Covid-19 Insurance Cover

learn more about the insurance cover on all rupay cards

Learn more about our newly launched Rupay Covid 19 Insurance Cover for Rupay Card Holders.

Rupay Cards Covid-19 Insurance Cover

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), there has been widespread distress to the public. An insurance coverage to cover for COVID-19 is essential. NPCI has partnered with Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. for providing a benefit of COVID Insurance coverage to TMB Rupay Cardholders.

Low Competitive Premium Rates:

The card holder may choose the coverage amount as per their choice ranging from Rs. 25 Thousand to Rs. 2 Lakhs and a one-time premium has to be paid by the customer accordingly as referred in the premium structure table below.

TMB Rupay Cards Covid 19 Insurance Cover Premium Rates
Sum InsuredPremium (Including GST)
  • The premium rates mentioned above are as initially fixed by NPCI directly. Please visit the below link to check out the current Premium Charges.
Rs. 25,000.00Rs. 225.00
Rs. 50,000.00Rs. 452.00
Rs. 1,00,000.00Rs. 903.00
Rs. 1,25,000.00Rs. 1,128.00
Rs. 1,50,000.00Rs. 1,355.00
Rs. 2,00,000.00Rs. 1,805.00

Terms & Conditions: If diagnosed positive, the COVID-19 Protection Insurance:

  • Covers all policy holders aged between 3 months to 60 years.
  • Policy period - 1 year.
  • 100% of the sum insured will be paid irrespective of actual expenses incurred, even if the treatment is done without cost, by the Government of India.

Terms & Conditions: What is not covered:

  • Home / Self quarantine.
  • Individuals with existing COVID-19 disease or if individual is under quarantine.
  • Covid 19 Testing is done in centres not authorized by the Union Health Ministry, Government of India.
  • Any pre-existing conditions whether declared or un-declared.
  • Diagnosis conformed out of India or Treatment taken out of India.
  • Policy cover not applicable for individuals who have travelled internationally any time within 45 days prior to the policy application.

More info about TMB Rupay Covid-19 Insurance Cover:

Rupay Covid-19 Insurance Policy Wordings:

Complete Digital Online Policy Application Process:

Rupay Card customers may visit Official Website of Rupay [ ] and purchase the insurance coverage by making the premium payment using their RuPay cards for the sum insured coverage which they wish to avail.