Outward Remittances

our international outward remittances

Learn more about the Forex Outward Remittance Services from TMB.

Outward Remittances

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank offers various methods for complete outward forex remittance service through a global tie up with many international banks spread across the globe. Through these correspondent banks, funds can be transferred to any account anywhere globally from your account with us.

Purpose / Eligibility:

Any person / resident in India is permitted to make the following outward remittances in foreign exchange:

Outward Remittance Limits:

Table showing the USD Limits for Outward Remittances
Remittance TypeAmount (USD)
  • Above stipulations are as per the rules and guidelines of RBI and are subject to change without notice. Please consult your auditor for further clarifications.
Business Trip25,000.00
Studies Abroad100,000.00
Tourism / Year10,000.00
Gift/Donation per Remitter/Donor5,000.00

We effect Outward Remittance Through:

  • Swift - It is a secured and fast means of effecting a outward remittances.
  • Telex - If SWIFT facility is not available, your remittance will be effected through telex in a secured way.
  • Demand Draft - We can issue Demand drafts on our correspondents listed herewith towards your remittances.

Sale / Purchase of Foreign Currency Notes / Travellers Cheques:

The person’s who intend to make foreign travel may approach our branches for purchasing foreign currency notes and foreign currency travellers cheques. We are offering competitive rates for the sale of foreign currency notes / foreign currency travellers cheques.

Students going abroad:

Click Here if you are a student and plan to go abroad for further studies. We have attractive offers for students going abroad.