NCDEX Clearing

our national commodity exchange clearing services

TMB is the Clearing Banker to National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX).

NCDEX Clearing

As Clearing Bankers we act as the intermediary carrying out the flow of funds from the NCDEX accounts to the trading member's account and vice versa depending on the statement provided by the exchange. Bank carries all the various transactions as the Clearing Bank to the NCDEX and gives the required effects to the various accounts on receiving a statement of instructions from NCDEX.

Clearing member has to open the following special category of current accounts with special features:

  • Settlement Account - Anywhere current account.
  • Exchange Dues Account anywhere current account.
  • Client anywhere current account.
  • Own business anywhere current account.

Special Features applicable to all the above types of account:

  • Zero balance facility.
  • No cheque book charges.
  • No statement and folio charges.
  • Free RTGS / FTFT funds transfer facility (applicable to Clearing Member special category accounts only).

Click to Download the NCDEX Circular (Format: Adobe "PDF" Document) notifying tie up with us for your reference and printing.

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