Royal SB A/c

our latest king size sb account product
Royal SB A/c

Learn more about the latest TMB Royal Savings Bank Account.

TMB has enhanced the service offerings for the royal and elite generation. This new scheme is being launched with the following features:

Royal SB A/c
Target Group
High Net Worth individuals such as doctors, lawyers, C.A.s; Executives working in MNC, software companies, Public / Private Sector & Business people.
Monthly Average Balance in the account
Minimum Monthly Average Balance of Rs. 50,000.00 for Metro Branches, Rs. 40,000.00 for Urban & Semi Urban Branches and Rs. 25,000.00 for Rural Branches. Waiver of minimum balance requirement in the first month of opening the account.
Interest Rate
Savings Account Deposit Interest Rate
Periodicity of Interest Payment
Interest is calculated on daily product basis and payable on quarterly basis.
Nomination Facility
Value Added facilities
Many Many as follows.
Debit Card
Free Platinum Rupay Debit Card with Unlimited access to Domestic ATMs
Internet Banking
Free Internet Banking with e-Commerce.
Cheque Book
Free Pesonalized Cheque Books [Without any Limit].
Credit Card
Free India Card [Conditions apply] [Joining fee waived and Free Annual Charge for 1st year] - [In case of Joint Accounts, First Account holder will be eligible].
Personal Accident Insurance
Free Personal Accident Insurance Cover for Rs. 3,00,000.00. [In case of Joint Accounts, First Account holder will be eligible]. Please Note: The coverage of personal accident insurance cover will be subject to the terms and conditions as well as expiry period of the master policy taken by the bank and the continuation of this facility will be at the sole discretion of the bank.
Free Tax Payments
No service charges for payment of income tax payment using Online / Offline Mode.
Any where Banking
Free Anywhere Banking Facility.
Free Cheque Collection
Free Collection of Cheques drawn at TMB locations. For Cheques at non-TMB locations, Rs. 25.00 plus Other Bank charges [Postage will be collected].
Demand Draft / Local Draft / Pay Order
Fund Transfer by NEFT / FTFT / RTGS
Electronic Clearing Service [ECS]
No charges for both ECS debit and credit transactions.
Demat Account
Waiver of first year Annual Maintenance Charges for demat account opened. [In case of Joint Accounts, First Account holder will be eligible].
Share Trading Platform
Facility for opening Offline Share Trading account with M/s. Religare Securities Limited.
Standing Instructions
No charges for Standing instruction, Duplicate Pass Book & Stop Payment including stop payment under TMB eConnect.
Avg. Monthly Balance Waiver
Waiver of minimum balance requirement in the first month of opening the account.
Folio Charges
No Folio / Transaction charges.
Travel Currency Card
Account Statement
Free monthly e-mail statement on request.
Non maintenance of average balance
In case of non-maintenance of average monthly balance during the month, a charge of Rs. 100.00 will be debited for every month for non-maintenance.
KYC Guidelines
The accounts should be fully KYC compliant account.
Account Closure
Rs. 500.00 with applicable Goods & Service Tax (GST) for closure within 1 year. After 1 Year - Rs. 100.00 with applicable Goods & Service Tax (GST).
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal at Parent Branch - Free without limit.
Cash Withdrawal at other branches - Free for self cheques presented by the drawer in person.
For third party withdrawals per transaction at other branches - Allowed up to Rs. 50,000.00 per day.
Cash Remittance Charges at Parent and Satellite Branches
Payment of Anywhere Cheques In Clearing / Transfer at Satellite branch
Other Condition
The account should be used only for Savings Purpose. If any business transaction is noticed in the SB account, then the Bank is entitled to recover all the costs for the free services / products offered to the customer.

Most Important Terms & Conditions governing SB Account Operations:

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